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Nice To Be Average?

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

What do opticians, jewelers, meter readers, loan clerks, and bookkeepers have in common?

They all earn, on average, $32,000.  And $32K is the “average” salary in the U.S.  Did you think the average would be more?  Less?

Here is the whole article, from Rachel Zupek at  Check out the link to the salary tool that shows what jobs pay what in your city.

Meanwhile, Working Girl will be outta town until Oct. 19th.  Vacation!  Which includes no blogging……so see you after the 19th.

A Link Here, A Link There

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Thought today would be a good day to get caught up on recent linkage.  Thanks to all who saw fit to quote Working Girl, or otherwise mention her in a laudatory light. 

It’s truly appreciated! 

Understanding How Women Network,” by Meghan Casserly over at

5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Interviews,” by Chris Perry at

15 Ways to Annoy Your Job Interviewer,” by Karen Burns (Working Girl herself) at Yahoo! News

The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real-Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use,” nice book review by Miriam Salpeter at Keppie Careers

The Secret to My Success… This Economy,” by Rachel Zupek MSN

News Flash: Summer Is…Over

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Has it been a great summer?  Did you have a great Labor Day weekend?  Was it relaxing, rejuvenating, and just spiffy?

Hope so. 

And now……we’re back.  Time to put nose to grindstone, knuckle down, apply might and main, go at it hammer and tong, bust your hump, get cracking, burn the midnight oil, put your back into it, put on a full court press, hop to it, roll up your sleeves, and….in short, set to work.

Sigh.  Anyone for a second cup of tea?

Catching Up

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Working Girl has not gone into the witness protection program.  Nor was she abducted by aliens.

She has, however, been in sunny (read, HOT) Phoenix and confesses that her brain has dissolved into a puddle of molten brain cells.  Hence the lengthy blog absence.

Meanwhile, these nice things have been happening in the blogosphere:

Thanks to Daphne, Ted, and Wally!  Nice to see some people working, plum in the middle of August.  Commendable, really.  If only Working Girl could get up the motivation to do the same….

(Wondering what WG was doing in Phoenix, in the summer?  It was a LaidOffCamp, doncha know.)

Twitter Contest Winner!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

The winner is ….(suspenseful pause)….. @jdbosa!

jdbosa wins not only a free copy of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl but a free resume critique from the fabulous Jill Walser of IGotTheJob!  (If you can’t use the critique, jdbosa, then feel free to pass it on to a friend who can.)

That was fun.  Thanks to Jill for participating in this contest.  And, jdbosa, you need to contact WG with a mailing address so she can send the book.

And thanks, hugely, to all the Twitterers who retweeted and thus entered the contest.  Maybe there will be another one someday…..

It's Another Twitter Contest!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Yup, it’s the second THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF WORKING GIRL TWITTER CONTEST.  And it’s bigger & better than ever.

Because this time in addition to winning a free copy of the book, you’ll be getting a FREE résumé critique from Jill Walser of I Got the Job!  Yes, really.  (What’s that?  You say you have a job?  Yay!  You can give the critique to a friend who is looking….)

The rules are as per usual.  Simply retweet the tweet that brought you here (“RT to win a copy of “Working Girl” and a free resume critique! Info: link”)

Do so, as often as you like, before midnight (Pacific time) Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Please note, of course, that you need to include “@workinggirl” in your retweet.   The book, which makes a great gift (after you’ve finished reading it yourself, ha) just got a super review here.  Jill Walser, who’ll be doing your résumé critique, is a former corporate recruiter now writing résumés and providing interview and job search strategy coaching.  She’s great, people. You will love her.

Good luck, everyone!

And Da Winner Is…….

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

The results of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl Twitter Contest are in.

Are you ready?  Yes?  Okay, with no further ado, the winner is (drum roll, please) @skariann!  Just as soon as she contacts Working Girl, a nice crisp new book will be in the mail to her.  Woo-hoo! 

The secret to her success?  She submitted (i.e., retweeted) multiple times.  Hmmm.  There’s got to be a moral to this story in there somewhere.

That was fun.  So fun that you may just be seeing another Twitter contest sometime soon.  After all….it’s summer.  Let’s amuse ourselves.

(Just checked out @skariann’s site.  Very nice.  And interesting that the winner of a book should be a writer.  Some things are just meant to be.)

Win A Book On Twitter

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Hello Tweeples!


The rules are oh so simple.  Simply retweet the tweet (i.e., “Retweet this & win a free signed Amazing Adventures of Working Girl. Info here + link”)  that brought you to this page. 

Do so, as often as you like, before midnight (Pacific time) Wednesday, July 1st, 2009.

Everyone who retweets (please note: you gotta include @workinggirl) will be eligible for a drawing to win the book The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl: Real Life Career Advice You Can Actually Use

Publishers Weekly called it “encouraging and funny.”  The Seattle Times said it was “worth reading just to hear about the 59 varied jobs in 22 cities and four countries.”  All in all, it’s a helpful book that makes a pretty darn good gift, too.  

Here’s a photo.  The winner, who will need to provide a postal address, will receive an autographed copy of the  book and a lovely complimentary bookmark.  (No, sorry, you won’t also be getting the basket of flowers.  Them’s just eye candy.)

Karen Burns Launch Party 1

Learn, Don't Run From Goofs

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

You are an idiot.

That the conclusion of this recent New York Times article.    It relates the misadventures of various folks who took on fix-it jobs (plumbing, carpentry, car repair, hair care), screwed them up, and then had to hire a professional to repair the damage, often paying more than they would have in the first place.

The NYT’s takeaway from this piece was: Even though you might want or need to save money, you–you poor schmo you–better not try doing things yourself because you will fail and it’ll only end up costing you more. 

But is that the lesson to be learned from these stories?  Really?

How about this lesson instead:  Next time you try the do-it-yourself route, think it through first.  Get a good how-to book from the library.  Talk to friends who have experience and know-how in these matters.  Proceed with care.  Use your head.  Learn from your mistakes.

You may choose not to change your own oil or fix your toilet or color your hair for very good reasons (your time is better spent elsewhere, for example).  But one of those reasons should not be that you’re too helpless or unteachable to figure it out yourself. 

You could.  You can.  You’re not an idiot.

A-A-And We Have A Winner

Friday, March 27th, 2009

The Diagram Prize for the oddest book title of the year has gone to:  “The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais.”

Working Girl’s favorite was “Curbside Consultation of the Colon.”   But you can’t have everything.

(More snark on same subject from NYT here.)