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Your social network Plan B

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Working Girl feels strongly that everyone needs a Plan B.

A Plan B is, simply, a to-do list of the steps you will take if everything you have going for you right now washes down the tubes. As perhaps Mom said to you, if you don’t have a Plan B, you don’t have a plan.

Seriously, it’s good to have some sort of cushion to bounce on when you fall from, or are kicked out of, your current position. A back-up plan. And a big part of any back-up plan is other people. Think about your social network. Is it wide, is it deep? Or does it consist of mostly (or even exclusively) current colleagues?

This week’s Seattle Times post is targeted at folks who’ve recently become unemployed (“The First Thing to do After a Layoff“). But the advice for building better communities of friends and associates applies to us all.

Go forth, and do coffee.

Working hard is not enough

Friday, March 7th, 2014

People need to know that you’re working hard. And by people, we mean, mostly, your bosses.

Run, don’t walk, to 10 Tips for Projecting a Hard-working Image.