What's New In Working Girl World

Hard to believe that here we are on the last day of August.  Suitably, it’s in the sixties here in Seattle, and raining.  Brr.

What’s been going on?  Well, in late June WG was part of this nice Houston Chronicle piece on “Job Success Could Depend on Managing Your Manager.”  It’s true, you absolutely need to know how to manage your boss.

In July this humble site was named one of OnlineDegrees.org‘s “Top 100 Career Advice Blogs.”  

More recently, U.S. News & World Report produced a pretty cool slide show amalgamating many of WG’s past posts, entitling it “21 Secrets to Getting the Job.”  21!  That’s a lot.  Maybe one of them would work for you. 

And then just last week Working Girl did a radio interview with Ed Wenck at WIBC in Indianapolis, all about “How Do You Survive the Worst Day at Work?”  (You have to go down to Ed’s section and scroll to August 25th.)

Finally, of course, WG has still been pumping out the weekly posts for U.S. News: 

  1. Looking for a job?  Think a job club might help out?  Here are some tips for telling if your group is a good one
  2. If work is stressing you out more and more, check out these “50 Tips for Surviving Your Worst Work Days (it led to the radio interview).” 
  3. And this one for job hunters again: You know how interviewers always ask you if you have any questions?  You need to have some.  Here are 10 good ideas.

Not bad for summertime.  See you in September!