Creative Ways To Job Hunt

Signs of improvement:  Working Girl knows of several long-time job hunters who have–are you ready for this?–found jobs.  Yes!  Hard evidence exists (not just among WG’s personal acquaintance) that the job market is slowly, slowly, slowly, getting better.

Because it is, people.  Not fast enough, for sure.  But have you read the papers?  Businesses are sitting on tons of money.  Sooner or later some of them are going to have to break down and hire.

Meanwhile, let’s think about ways to get from not-working to working.  Today’s U.S. News post tackles a very ticklish issue: Should you “settle”?  As in, take a not-so wonderful job to, you know, pay the bills?  Conventional wisdom for the past 20 years or so has been No, you should never take a job that’s less than ideal. 

But there might be some very good, smart reasons why you should do just this.  Check out “Why Job Hunters Should ‘Settle’ for a Less-Than Dream Job.”  You may agree, or disagree, but it’s worth considering all your options.

Another version of the less-than dream job is temp work.  Should you think about it?  Can it ever turn into a “real” job?  Well, you should and it can.  For ideas on how you could make this gambit work for you, take a look at “How to Turn Your Temp Assignment into a Permanent Job.” 

Meanwhile, age-old issues, such job interview anxiety, continue to plague us.  We get better with practice, true, but it’s still a challenge for many people.  The problem is that obvious anxiety is a turn-off to most potential employers–no, it’s not fair, but it’s a fact of life.  Which makes our task as job hunters to deliver a convincing “performance” of a relaxed and confident future employee.  Here are a ton of ways to do just that: “21 Ways to Avoid Job Interview Anxiety.” 

Good luck.  Hang in there.


  • Joe Ramon says:

    Hey I just saw your story “21 words not to use on a resume”, Any idiot can sit there and say what not to do, try throwing out some words to use. As I read through your other stories all you do is state the obvious.

  • stephend says:


    I found your articles are Yahoo very helpful and smart, especially the 21 Secrets to Getting The Job. I can attest to the efficacy of several of those pointers. I just became unemployed, very unexpectedly I might add, so I’ve got to tackle the job search world for the first time in a decade. In some ways, I excited about the challenge and want to turn this into an opportunity rather than a box of fear. I’m glad to have stumbled upon your blog and articles. I must say, though, I just hate “tweeting”.

  • ampleinfo says:

    of course, most of the successful ones ‘settled’ for a less-than dream job first before making it big and got their dream jobs. what’s important is to not lose focus and still go for that dream job of yours.

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