Best Time Of The Month?

News flash:  Science has discovered that lap dancers who are ovulating make $30 an hour more in tips than women who are on their periods.  They make $15 more than women elsewhere in their cycles.

Our intrepid scientists (who gathered their data via a website, not by going to strip clubs and asking women if they were on their periods) do not know how men/tippers can tell the women are “in estrus” (smell? sound?).  But they suggest that their finding “could have implications for women selling cars or giving big presentations as C.E.O.’s,” says Geoffrey Miller, one of the U. of New Mexico psychologists who did the study. 

“Should women schedule big job interviews during certain weeks of the month?” he asks.  “We don’t know.  But maybe.”  

Women taking birth control pills (you don’t ovulate) earned “significantly less” than women who were cycling naturally and had no “estrus earning peak.”

What to do with this information?  File under “Power-How To Get More Of.”  You can read a bit more about it here (Sunday NYT, where WG got above quotes).

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  • Alfonse D' Auto says:

    Dearest WG,

    I think it would be best if I restricted my comments on this subject and simply say it was interesting.


  • Tania says:

    My goodness. Trust WG to find this – fascinating.
    I have enough trouble scheduling my life – now I have another factor to coonsidre – eek!

  • Tania says:

    I meant to say, trust WG to find this fascinating info – it’s extremely interesting.