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Speaking of resumes, here’s a guest post just in from Recruiting Blogswap about this very topic:

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Social networking and social bookmarking have evolved the World Wide Web into something that is now commonly referred to as Web 2.0.  Web 2.0 is highly interactive, customizable and useful.  It is not a stretch to think that your resume should evolve from a single sheet of watermarked paper to a media rich, interactive web document.

Media rich resumes should highlight multiple ways to contact you from the traditional phone number, to email, instant messengers, and social networking pages (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).  This gives multiple avenues for communication.  It is also important that you link to your media rich resume from every social network you participate in so as to increase your odds of being noticed for a new opportunity.

An attention getting addition to the media rich resume is an embedded video.  You can easily point a video camera at yourself, and talk briefly about what kinds of opportunities you are interested in, or what organizations you feel you would be a good fit for.

Here is a great example of a media rich resume:

If you are a web designer, or developer the media rich resume is a great place to showcase your skills.  Make your resume interactive, and have fun with it!  You might even create an interactive sidebar widget game that would encourage others to virally spread your resume for you.

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  • Alfonse D' Auto says:

    Dearest Working Girl,

    Although keg stands and other such nonsense are well back in my rear view mirror, I would urge those younger readers that might link their fancy schmantzy resumes to their Facebook pages to ensure that the pictures contained therein be appropriate for the position they seek. I really don’t think that most potential employees in the banking world, for instance, would find photographs of an interviewee engaged in a furious game of beer pong to be particularly enticing.


  • Karen Burns says:

    Ooh, Al, you’re sounding deliciously curmudgeonly today. You were born in, what, 1932?

    Of course at least you know what beer pong is. WG has to admit she does not.

    Possibly: drinking beer while playing pingpong? Hmmm….am thinking no here.

  • Alfonse D' Auto says:


    Here is a primer on beer pong:

    It has apparently replaced “Sink and Drink It” and “Cardinal Puff Puff” as the drinking game of choice among college-age kids.


  • Karen Burns says:

    Happy to know I was not far off.

    I did not look up “Cardinal Puff Puff.” It’s important to hold onto as much of one’s innocence as possible.

    Thank you for your exhaustive research.

  • Terrell says:

    Hey Karen,

    Congrats on being mentioned in the NYT Shifting Careers webpage! Cool stuff.