27 Ways To Look Smarter

Adverse/averse, afterwards, compliment/complement, criteria, farther/further, fewer/less, historic/historical, hopefully, imply/infer, insure/ensure, irregardless, literally, premier/premiere, principal/principle, towards, unique, who/whom. 

What are these? 

They’re the 27 most commonly misused words! 

Go on over to Copyblogger and be illuminated.  If not elucidated.

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  • Tania says:

    I’d like to add stationary/stationery to his list. It’s easy (cArs are stationAry, Envelopes are stationEry) yet this goof is everywhere – I’ve even seen it mispelled on websites for paper
    I’m a Brit living in the USA and had NO clue about towards and afterwards being incorrect over here. I suspect I’m too old to retrain myself now.
    I know I’m guilty of misusing “hopefully”.
    “Unique” is my pet peeve. We really need another word that means “almost unique”, so that people can back off from using unique. Any suggestions? Nearnique?

  • Karen Burns says:

    I LOVE “nearnique.” Thank you for that.

    And I will admit to being one of the ones who confuses stationery and stationary (I’ve looked it up hundreds of times), so your memory device is most welcome. Yay.