About Working Girl

Question: Who the heck is Working Girl and where does she get off handing out career advice?

Answer: Working Girl has had more jobs than most. Maybe more than you. In fact, she’s had 59 jobs over 40 years in 22 cities and 4 countries.


  • She needed the money
  • She loves a challenge.pencil-art-copy2
  • She moved around a lot.


  • She started working at age 10.
  • She moonlighted for many years.
  • She worked a lot of short-term jobs.

Out of all her jobs, Working Girl was fired from only one. However, she made hundreds of mistakes, tried dozens of new careers, and had one or two or three offbeat jobs. Such as:

ditchdigger1She dug ditches in
Czechoslovakia. . . .


. . . .modeled plus-size
bustiers in Paris. . . .


. . . .typed the same letter
535 times
(that was in
Washington D.C.). . .


. . .taught French generals how
to lisp (not on purpose). . .


. . . .got paid $50 an hour
just for being American
(now there was a great job). . .


. . .and once earned only $5 for
3 months of work (one of the

Do you feel this qualifies Working Girl to give career advice?

Hope so.

Other stuff about Working Girl: Working Girl (aka Karen Burns) was born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and has lived/worked in Minnesota, Arizona, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, France, and California.

Now she lives/works in Seattle. She has a seriously wonderful husband, Mr. Working Girl, who has supported the whole book-writing venture from Day One. The book, in case you’ve forgotten, is The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl.